BeNovate TV - Public

 It is very easy and convenient to use the BeNovate TV platform  :  here are the high level steps you'll be guided trough  ...

  • ask an authorization to create an event via, you'll get  a userid and a password from us.
  • enter the general info on your event + logo + rich content material you'd like to show/interact on.
  • would you like make your viewers pay for it ? (it's free up to 10 viewers and for 10min !): if yes just enter the price you ask your viewers to participate.
  • enter the Emails of your invitees so they get the necessary info to get privately/publicly connected at the moment of the event
  • and its almost done ...enjoy ! 

Just  make sure now your camera is ok and that you're a great presenter !  

If you use an external high quality camera (recommended for qualitative streaming) please download this tool 

Nb : Maybe useful .... : Here some tips to do a good Pitch...