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Ubiquitous connectivity, pervasive digitization of business, and the reality of social networks are challenging the traditional assumptions behind business models. Even more: the growth subcycle in the shumpeterian macro-economical model shows a significant shrinck ( from 7 -11 to 1-3 years) so enterprises have 3 time less time to take full advantage of this cycle ... the planned economy concepts and related methods past generation learnt is under high pressure and new management and leadership techniques have to be put in place to stay competitive...

We are witnessing a fundamental change in the approach to value creation in business : the structure of business models is morphing, and businesses across industries are clearly moving, for example in a B2C case, away from traditional products and services to more personalization of unique experiences that are more and more co-created with customers/consumers . 

To orchestrate such unique experiences, firms must connect to a global resource network of suppliers and individuals that collaborate in a highly effective Ecosystem. The art will be to assemble many elements of innovation and to setup a complete new value chain that will generate new Business Models, Products and Services ..

BeNovate wants to be in the center of this Ecosystem to provide to its customers a maximum of speed, value, benefits and effectiveness to achieve their ambitions and competitiveness in those domains.  


BeNovate partners

BeNovate has in its portfolio more than 150 Startup's and innovative SMB's that bring real and disruptive business value to many industries helping clearly  to increase their competitiveness.  

We will be happy to connect some of them with you during for example an Innovation/Startup Day....

This will be for sure an amazing common experience !

PETER KOESTENBAUM, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman of PiB and the Koestenbaum Institute, brings leadership philosophy to business people globally.

Peter has been very close to many top level business executives and related boards working with them on their deepest concerns, sharing with them high impact insights and feelings, new perspectives and more serviceable adaptations to help enabling Innovation with a true Leadership and greatness foundation. 

We engage Peter with our customers at Board and CxO level to handle Leadership Issues and Thoughts. Meeting Peter is an incredible experience of deep humanity and wisdom while driven by strong business acumen.

BeAligned is an independent consulting firm, founded in 2006 by Bruno D’Hulster, Christophe Vandecaveye and Frank Stevens.

The company´s focus and mission today has grown out of the founders vision on Business/ICT alignment and their drive to help companies realizing strategic projects.

We engage BeAligned with our customers on topics like Change Mgt, Enterprise Architecture, IT and Biz Alignment, Knowledge Mgt, Lean, Portfolio Mgt etc...

TECHNOPORT is a technology-oriented business incubator that supports you in the validation, implementation and development of your business idea by allocating human and technical resources to help you achieve your goals. So  If: 

  • YOU want to challenge your business model
  • YOU have just launched an innovative business
  • YOU are a small team or an individual entrepreneur, a researcher or a young graduate
  • and YOU would like to CREATE your own innovative company ...

Then Technoport is definitely the place to start ! 

BeNovate can help Startup's to join Technoport or coach Startup's within their highly positive ecosystem  ...




iMinds an IMEC company is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation.

The iMinds team offers companies and organizations active support in research and development. It brings together companies, authorities, and non-profit organizations to join forces on research projects.

Both technical and non-technical issues are addressed within each of these projects.

BeNovate can help Startup's to join IMinds or coach Startup's within their highly positive ecosystem  ...

Whiteboard is a news site and community for European entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders 

We bring news about entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and inspiration from around the world.We also offer European entrepreneurs and opinion leaders a chance to express themselves with editiorial support from our editorial staff.

This way, we hope to create European role models for young entrepreneurs and experts.

Whiteboard was founded by magazine journalist Raf Weverbergh, with the help of about 100 entrepreneurs from around Europe.

Strass adviseert, bedenkt, ontwerpt en ontwikkelt B2C communicatie. Uw targets behalen via een doeltreffend verhaal naar uw klant, daar is het ons om te doen. Strass is even groot wat ideeën en ervaring betreft dan grote bureau’s maar kleiner in omvang en daardoor flexibeler en budgetvriendelijker. Daarnaast kunnen we bijna alles wat we bedenken intern realiseren. En dat bespaart u heel wat onnodige kosten en tijd.

BeNovate recommends warmly Strass (now Starss)  as the next generation Marcom/Web agency that helps you to engage your consumers in a "ME" centric approach, connecting Brands with their Csutomers on an efficient way.