Strategic Innovation is essential for your company  ... 

Because internal Innovation will be more and more difficult to develop due to, amongst other reasons, complex rules & regulations, management style & culture, operational & financial risk factors, complex internal ICT, etc... the quest for Open Innovation is more than ever a must to be, seen as a strategic business differentiator for further development and competitiveness of the enterprises :  " Co-Creation is today's most accepted model for Innovation" Forbes 

The pursuit of Innovation cannot guarantee meaningful growth, but it is the best strategy today for achieving it on a sustainable way. It requires another way of thinking and decision making from business leadersWe believe strongly that companies who dare now to invest radically herein, will be the most adaptable and thus not only the survivors but probably also the leading companies of the next decade .

Executive Advisors at BeNovate have each more than 20 years leadership experience, inclusive with the pro's and con's of large Biz and Technology investments combined with an important corporate experience and a true passion for people and entrepreneurship !  We name it at BeNovate : “Inno-Preneurship” : this is an extraordinary concept we would like to share with you to unleash the power of your business Imagination  !

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Benovate Inno-Preneurship Framework

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